F O R  I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E



The Truth reveals Herself in this hilarious and heartfelt journey to India!


Causeless Joy­

(formerly titled “Beauty, Bollywood and Beyond”)


Presented by Whitefire Solofest, Written and performed by Theresa Puskar



Theresa’s insightful travelogue takes you to the magic and mystery of India. As she finds herself immersed in vibrant culture, tradition and meditation, four fairytale princesses emerge and share their real stories from self-victimization to rue empowerment. In doing so, they provide a hilarious brand of tough love that takes her from self-loathing to causeless joy. You will laugh and cry your way to opening your own heart, as you see yourself mirrored in her honest and authentic performance. 



Theresa Puskar 630-272-1805


Date and Time

Sunday, January 20th@ 7:300 pm, 60 min. (Q&A afterwards)


Location, Cost and Ticket Info

Whitefire Theatre’s Solofest 2019, 13500 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Purchase tickets for $25. To order, go to


★★★★Alex Miller (New York Times, Washington Post, Guardian, Forbes, All About Solo) "Ms. Puskar embarks on a journey to find herself in the midst of chaos, and conveys a universal lesson from which we can all benefit…The true beauty of this play is in Ms. Puskar's journey from her stressful but privileged world to a land of far greater problems. I would compare her story to a stage adaptation of 'Eat, Pray, Love'...Ms. Puskar has impressive acting skills and great respect for other cultures."


★★★★★Kasia Szumal, Conscious Community Magazine “From Revolution to Evolution!  This is a funny, witty show that will touch not only your heart, but also your soul.” 


“Theresa’s intensely personal and creative one woman show sent me on a journey – to India, to dancing, to my own insecurities and anxieties, and finally back to love. She reminded me that none of us are alone with our fears and our joys. I am inspired to be me!” – Rebecca Lindell


Theresa’s talent is beyond measure and it should be on a massive stage. This experience reconfirmed the importance of first loving myself and all else will follow. Thank you!” IG


“This is beyond theater. I had a healing experience like I’ve never had before!” – WJ 


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As an outstanding and versatile entertainer, Theresa deeply moves audiences in each and every realm of performing that she does.  Whether providing corporate training to Fortune 500 companies; healing through inspirational or motivational speaking; officiating spiritual gatherings; serving as a television/radio host, or performing her one-woman show, she weaves profound and often hilarious storytelling into all that she does. Known for her authenticity and unique ability to stir the hearts and minds of those with whom she engages, her refreshing and heartfelt "tell it like it is" approach to edu-taining is not to be missed!  


A proud Canerican, Theresa is thrilled to have performed on both sides of the border. With over 30 years of media experience, she has served as an audio producer, radio host, actress, children's entertainer and director. Having performed on both stage and television shows such as The X-FilesThe New Addams Family and The Judge, she has most recently graced the stage as a keynote speaker. The founder of Edu-tainment Productions, she is passionate about educating while entertaining her audiences and looks forward to assisting others to raise their consciousness and find greater peace, self-celebration and well-being.