“Theresa’s intensely personal and creative one woman show sent me on a journey – to India, to dancing, to my own insecurities and anxieties, and finally back to love. She reminded me that none of us are alone with our fears and our joys. I am inspired to be me!” - RL


Theresa’s talent is beyond measure and it should be on a massive stage. This experience reconfirmed the importance of first loving myself and all else will follow. Thank you!” IG


“I love the self-reflection and the princess stories that brought to life the distorted way we feel about ourselves and stops us from fulfilling our hope and joy.” –MA


“Each of the voices touched something in me, but Belle spoke volumes – loving myself, accepting ME just the way I am.” – WL


“I laughed and cried and danced with you. Thanks for opening your heart for all of us.” – KP 


“Wonderful, new way to allow us to release ourselves from what holds us back!” – MG 


“Coming out of the show, I empathized with Theresa and learned that I need to commit to completely accepting and loving myself ” – PM


“I love Theresa’s sense of humor and style of writing! She has an incredibly strong universal message to share.” – DS


“I couldn’t take my eyes off of Theresa! This was a wonderful experience, and I felt like I was along on the journey. Great characters, insights, and humor. Bravo!” – JM


“Brilliantly written and performed! Moving, witty, and uplifting. Well paced and scored. I want to see this shared further and look forward to the sequel.” – SP